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LA85 AAA Suspension Air Bag kit for Mercedes Sprinter with Dual Rear Wheels

LA85 AAA Suspension Air Bag kit for Mercedes Sprinter with Dual Rear Wheels
LA85 AAA Suspension Air Bag kit for Mercedes Sprinter with Dual Rear Wheels
LA85 AAA Suspension Air Bag kit for Mercedes Sprinter with Dual Rear Wheels
LA85 AAA Suspension Air Bag kit for Mercedes Sprinter with Dual Rear Wheels
LA85 AAA Suspension Air Bag kit for Mercedes Sprinter with Dual Rear Wheels
LA85 AAA Suspension Air Bag kit for Mercedes Sprinter with Dual Rear Wheels

LA85 AAA Suspension Air Bag kit for Mercedes Sprinter with Dual Rear Wheels    LA85 AAA Suspension Air Bag kit for Mercedes Sprinter with Dual Rear Wheels

LA85 AAA Suspension Air Bag Kit for Mercedes Sprinter with Dual Rear Wheels. We are making changes - For over 10 years we have been known as Air Assist but could not register that as a trade mark.

So we stretched that old name to Air Assis Australia and came up with AAA Suspension. You may see the old Air Assist logo or name pop up until we get to changing all the artwork on packaging and instructions. This is a brand new Air Assit air bag kit to suit. VW Crafter Vans, Cab Chassis & Motorhomes. Mercedes Sprinter Vans, Cab Chassis & Motorhomes. Note that in each of the above cases these should be dual rear wheel and have a 4 axle tube.

Our LA11 kit does the single rear wheels with smaller 3 axle tube. We proudly released a new version of this kit recently so we can now look after vehicles either with or without the spacer block under the leaf springs. The older version didnt accommodate the lower vehicles (no block). We stole every mm we could from the lower brackets using different material and method of clamping onto the axle.

We totally re-invented the upper mount so the bags are right up under the chassis. The team at AAA Suspension are suspension specialists and have been looking after customers with air suspension needs since the 90's. We are a family owned business based in Melbourne and pride ourselves for excellent product knowledge, great service and a top Aussie made product. We make all of our brackets here in Melbourne and use local businesses to supply and laser cut our steel.

Even our local powder coater uses Australian powder. Air Assist Australia - AAA Suspension. All our staff are Covid rescues - We have grown tremendusly and made sure that we gave work to local people who were otherwise unemployed thanks to Covid. We do as much as we can for the environment.

We have recycled materials in our locally made boxes and our green bubble wrap is biodegradable and also locally made. AAA load assist air bags replace the bump stops and sit between the chassis and axle to assist with carrying heavy loads. Just add more air until you reach the ride height you want no matter how heavy your load. And when you dont have a load just let the air out of the bags and you are back to havinging soft suspension and a comfortable ride. If you get heavy springs you cant go back to soft when unloaded and most people find their heavy springs are still not heavy enough anyway.

If you see yourself in this predicament then you really should consider air spings to assist your old suspension. Here are just a few examples..

Slide on campers - heavy when the camper is on but light when the camper is off. People towing vans and trailers need air springs when they are towing but their factory suspension is ideal when they are not. Contractors cart fuel, water or firewood and they get heavily loaded but light when empty. Tradies cart different tools and equipment to different jobs. Ll of these guys can change the load capacity of their suspension to suit their needs.

Make towing safer by loading more weight to the front of the van or trailer and just pump up the bags a bit to handle the bit of extra weight on the draw bar. When fitting these bags you are not changing your old suspension nor increasing your GVM allowances. When carrying a load the typical pressure range is 25psi to 50psi. The good thing about air bags is just keep adding more air until.

You reach your desired ride height and comfort no matter the. You can't hurt the bags because they can go to over. 1000 psi but here we are only talking the sorts of pressures you. Would run in your tyres. Speaking of tyres the air bag valves are.

They are rated to still be effective with up to 2.5t over the back axle which in most cases is way more than you should be carrying and just goes to show the bags are up for what ever you throw at them. Some air bag kits like those that go inside coils can only offer 450 Kg which is nothing on these. You can not hurt these air bags. There is no maximum pressure because even industrial compressors can not reach the lofty heights of 800 to 1000 psi where these were made. Sticks, stones and sand will not hurt them.

The rubber in these bags is heavier than the rubber in your tyres - we have people who live on cattle stations and have horrid corrugated gibber roads and they never have issues. There is no rubbing parts and they will not wear out. They can see out your car's useful life no matter the age or distance.

The Air Bags replace and become your new bump stop. Even if you have no air in them the bag compresses and the sidewalls are such that you still have a rubber bump stop. A small pressure offers a nice soft cushion when you are not loaded. The end plates are still an inch apart on full compression so they do not strike each other.

As such we dont need internal bump stops. It's ok to run these flat. Here's where AAA Suspension lead the way and beat the other brands... AAA brackets are 100% made in Australia. Other brands make their brackets overseas and not only is that unaustralian but when they run out they can run out for months.

It also means they can't customise brackets for customers with custom fabricating needs. AAA has been approved and licensed to use the Made in Australia logo. AAA have a massive 4WD knowledge base and their kits do not fall short. Some other brands claim to suit 2 lift when they barely reach standard height. At AAA we offer height options and can even taylor make custom kits. AAA kits use heavier steel components. The end plates are 6mm steel rather than 5mm and we dont make do with C channel like others but instead use 3mm RHS where possible for added strength. And heavier steel means we crank up the welder and get deeper stronger welds. The manufacture and design of AAA kits is guided by automotive engineers who not only specify materials and designs but specify where and how to weld so as not to compromise the integrity of the steel. The others clearly got that wrong as they weld across the arms instead of length ways. In most cases simple stuff that make a big difference. Others use imperial 1/4 air line and NPT threads whereas AAA use metric 6mm and BSP threads... Means parts are readilly replaceable anywhere if needed while on a big trip. AAA air fittings come pre-fitted to end plates with high pressure gas sealant.

AAA kits come with an extra meter of air line over others. And its high flex, super strong and meets all the safety standards. Every bolt and washer in a AAA kit is stainless steel so wont rust. AAA kits can be run flat and still the end plates will not strike each other. You still have a cushioned bump stop and you dont chew the bags out from the inside.

AAA Load Assist Kits include everything needed to fit and be operational. 2 Air Bags with alloy rings. Top and Bottom mounting plates using 6mm plate steel. 6 metres of 6mm poly air line. Push to connect fittings in end plates using larger 1/4 BSP threads to the 6mm air line.

2 x one-piece tyre valves for inflation and deflation - one per bag. These bags will not be harmed by over stretching them.

They clamp to the end plates and the worst thing you could do is pull the bag away from the clamp so just undo them, reposition and do them up again. But we can make sure you get the right length brackets and bags so your shocks prevent over stretching. You can protect your investment with this kit - when you upgrade your vehicle in almost all cases you can keep your old bags and just get a new set of AAA brackets to suit the new rig. It takes a lot to hurt AAA bags like getting caught in a fence or having a car fire. In almost every kit there is no drilling cutting or welding required.

These kits just bolt in using your suspension mounts and either use the old bump stop mounts or clamp onto the chassis. Just a normal socket set is all you need by way of tools and anyone can do it in about an hour - you dont even need a hoist. We have a web site that has a bunch more pictures and videos demonstrating our manufacturing methods, some "How To" videos showing how to set up your bags, solve problems and what's involved with fitting. We also offer in cab kit upgrades so you can pump up your bags from within your car even while driving.

All kits are digital with up/down per pag and no air lines inside the car. Entry level is a budget In Cab kit with a small compressor ideal for bags. Our Big Daddy In Cab kit has a large compressor and tyre inflation hose as it's great for pumping tyres or running a tank. AAA Suspension is an Australian family owned business based on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

We use local suppliers, do our own manufacturing and all employees were selected because they were otherwise out of work due to Covid. We make every attempt to look after the environment with recycled and biodegradable packaging. Steve has been working with air suspension since the 90's so technically speaking this is his 4th decade in the game. He has been the 4WD brains trust for other air suspension companies and is exceptionally well connected throughout the automotive industry.

Since 2005 Steve has owned and operated the Cliffhanger 4WD Event which has become Australia's best regarded 4WD week long event and he himself has raced in 12 Outback Challenge events. He co-owned Navrun 4WD Events, has been treasurer for the QLD Assoc 4WD Clubs and president of 2 different 4WD Clubs. You will not find a better qualified person for understanding your suspension needs. He's worked in drought relief fodder drives and has been helping farmers clean up and rebuild fences after bushfires.

Steve and his wife Amanda are looking forward to borders opening so they too can tow a van around this great country. We send same or next day using Aus Post. We can post to PO Boxes and the most remote regional areas.

When you check out and pay there is an option for Express Post if you need it fast. Your card details remain safe. Only Pay Pal see your details. We are based in Melbourne and all of our stock is here in Australia.

So you will get your goods within a matter of days. For support or reassurance knowing someone here in Australia is experienced and understands what you need. Everything we sell has a.

Warranties cover replacement parts for manufacture faults, air leaks in bags or air fittings etc. Wear and tear, rubbing on other suspension components and external factors like corrosion are not covered. So we avoid sending the wrong parts back we will run through a few simple tests for you to perform first. This is a brand new Air Assit air bag kit to suit : VW Crafter Vans, Cab Chassis & Motorhomes Mercedes Sprinter Vans, Cab Chassis & Motorhomes Note that in each of the above cases these should be dual rear wheel and have a 4 axle tube.

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LA85 AAA Suspension Air Bag kit for Mercedes Sprinter with Dual Rear Wheels    LA85 AAA Suspension Air Bag kit for Mercedes Sprinter with Dual Rear Wheels