Air Suspension Kit

Mercedes E Class W213 Air Suspension Lowering Kit / Linkages / Links

Mercedes E Class W213 Air Suspension Lowering Kit / Linkages / Links

Mercedes E Class W213 Air Suspension Lowering Kit / Linkages / Links   Mercedes E Class W213 Air Suspension Lowering Kit / Linkages / Links


Please also consider our new range of. Lowering kits - Ask us f.

Or information regarding the differences between this kit and our new range of. Airmatic Lowering Links has been supplying fully adjustable lowering kits for over 10 years. We specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of fully adjustable lowering kits for prestige vehicles factory fitted with height adjustable air or hydraulic suspension. This lowering kit has been specifically designed and manufactured for your car to g. Ur kits comes complete with both. Internal spring clips to ensure a secure fit and rubber grommets to help protect the linkage's ball joints from dirt. Our lowering kits are extremely easy to install using basic tools and take approximately 1-2 hours to fit (on the majority of cars you do not need to remove the wheels). All kits come with comprehensive, photographic instructions and we are available to help you with your install. Prestige cars that have factory installed auto levelling; height adjustable air or hydraulic suspension use ride height sensors.

The ride height sensors are fitted to the car's chassis and connected to the suspension by small no load bearing linkages. Our fully adjustable lowering linkages replace the factory installed linkages. By changing the length of the adjustable linkages the ride height sensors will send altered.

To the car's suspension controller allowing the car to lower. Internationally respected retailer with great feedback and more than 10000 happy customers.

Established over 10 years ago. Excellent understanding, knowledge and experience of Air and Hydraulic suspension systems.

Manufactured in the UK using precision CNC tooling. Designed to ensure the highest standards of safety, quality and functionality. Original designers of lowering kits and the first to offer lowering kits for newly launched models. Comprehensive, accurate photographic instructions supplied. Zinc plated lowering kits to help prevent corrosion. How low will my car be with the lowering kit installed?

The lowering kit is fully adjustable allowing you to lower your car between 10mm - 70mm. Will the suspension settings still work inside the car with lowering kit. How will the ride quality be once the lowering kit is installed?

Ride quality on saloons (sedans) and coupes is almost unchanged. Most SUVs will ride well too however with SUV's the lower you go the harder the ride will become. Will I get error messages displayed? If you install the lowering kit correct by follow the supplied. There will be no issues.

Airmatic Lowering Links was established more than 15 years ago, and we were the first to design, manufacture, retail and install fully adjustable lowering solutions for prestige cars factory fitted with Air or hydraulic suspension. We are the market leader in supplying lowering solutions for cars factory fitted with air and hydraulic suspension due to the wealth of knowledge we have, the superior lowering kits we are offer and the passion for cars we share with our customers. Our business has grown year on year as we manufacture high quality, well-engineered lowering kits, provide a fantastic customer experience, and have earnt the trust of our customers which has gained our business an amazing reputation within the worldwide car modification community.

We have supplied over 30000 lowering kits to customers all over the world. If you see a lowered prestige car, that has factory installed air or hydraulic suspension on the streets, in a magazine or on the internet it will most likely be using one of our lowering kits. We are proud to offer two ranges of lowering solution for your car, the Original and Evolution lowering kits, both have been designed without compromise to ensure the highest standards of safety, quality, and functionality.

Cars that have either air or hydraulic suspension are fitted with ride height sensors which are connect to the suspension? The ride height sensors measure the level the road is that the car is traveling on to aid the cars auto levelling system. The ride height sensors and linkages, in most cases are located behind each wheel hub assembly.

The fully adjustable linkages included in our lowering kits replace the factory fitted, fixed length linkages and by either lengthening or shortening the adjustable linkages the ride height sensors will send altered information to the car's suspension computer which will then lower the car. The solution we offer is safe and reliable and has been fitted to over 30000 cars worldwide as such our lowering kits have been tested over millions of miles / kilometres. Lowering your car with one of our lowering kits is extremely simple, no special tools or mechanical experience are required and with the guidance of our comprehensive fitting instructions the install will take just 1-2 hours and as our lowering kits are fully adjustable you can lower your car to your desired height.

Through our many years of designing, manufacturing, and installing lowering kits we have gained an extensive knowledge of how Air and Hydraulic suspension systems work so enabling us to offer you amazing quality products and the very best in advice and after-sales support. Our lowering kits and are manufactured and assembled in the UK by an engineering team that has been established for over 100 years and who work with many automotive manufacturers and adhere to modern ISO9001 standards and use the latest cutting-edge CNC technology.

The Original and Evolution lowering kits we offer are manufactured to our designs and specified tolerances. We use components that are designed and manufactured by ourselves unlike'other' lowering kit retailers who use generic components, have no idea where they were made or by whom and have no form a quality or safety standards. We are an established, VAT registered, Limited Company with administration, manufacturing, and distribution offices. We have a website as well as Instagram and Facebook pages full of information and a WhatsApp link so that you can communicate with us free of charge no matter what country you are located.

Companies that retail lowering kits have little to no knowledge and experience of lowering cars with air or hydraulic suspension, have never installed a lowering kit, work part time from home, are impossible to reach directly, make lowering kits from poor quality generic components, have no quality or safety standards, or sell hundreds of other products. Lowering kits are constructed using bespoke, super-high quality silver zinc plated components that have amazing corrosion resistance and are entirely manufactured in the UK. Range of lowering kits was launched over 15 years ago and they have provided thousands of customers with a great, entry level, basic functioning lowering solution that has now been tested over many years and many millions of miles/kilometres. Installation Time 1½ - 2 Hours. Linkages need to be removed each time an adjustment is made. Ride height can be adjusted in 5mm increments (approximately).

Lowering kit can be adjusted to achieve OEM ride height. Double safety retaining clips for greater safety. Stainless steel nuts and clips to increase durability and longevity.

Bespoke ball joints, bars and rods. Silver zinc coated linkages are up to 10x more corrosion resistant than'other' kits on the market. Can be adjusted to achieve OEM ride height. Stake pressed threads to securely attach static ball joints to the linkage bars. Our new range of Evolution lowering kits are the realisation of an extensive research and development programme that has drawn upon our vast knowledge and years of experience as well as the excellence of our engineering team.

Our new Evolution lowering kits have been designed to address all the short comings of our competitor? S lesser quality kits and to offer greater benefits over our original kits. KEY FEATURES - (Additional to our Original lowering kits). Specially designed, precisely CNC machined billet aluminium adjusters with anti-slip knurling and special left-hand/right-hand thread arrangement.

The height of your car can be adjusted whilst the lowering kit is attached to your car by simply turning the billet adjusters. The lowering kit does not need to be removed to make ride height adjustments which reduces installation time and negates the potential of damaging the expensive ride height sensors fitted to your car. Infinite adjustment allows the ride height of your car to be adjusted perfectly.

Black zinc coated bars and ball joints are up to 45x more corrosion resistant than'other' kits on the market. Installation time just 40mins - 1½ Hours. Lowering kits will be despatched the same day if your order is placed before our cut-off time.

We apologise if this seems a little unfair, but we are sure that customers in these countries would prefer to receive a kit in a timely, reliable, stressless manor than either never receiving the kit or being left guessing if it will ever arrive. S International Priority service is super-fast and mega reliable. AUDI RS6 (C8) AIR SUSPENSION EVOLUTION LOWERING KIT / LINKAGES / LINKS. AUDI RS7 (C8) EVOLUTION AIR SUSPENSION LOWERING KIT / LINKAGES / LINKS. AUDI RS6 (C8) SUSPENSION EVOLUTION LOWERING KIT / LINKAGES / LINKS.


Mercedes E Class W213 Air Suspension Lowering Kit / Linkages / Links   Mercedes E Class W213 Air Suspension Lowering Kit / Linkages / Links