Air Suspension Kit

Range Rover Sport. L320 Air Suspension Lowering Links -full Kit Free Shipping

Range Rover Sport. L320 Air Suspension Lowering Links -full Kit Free Shipping

Range Rover Sport. L320 Air Suspension Lowering Links -full Kit Free Shipping    Range Rover Sport. L320 Air Suspension Lowering Links -full Kit Free Shipping

L320 AIR SUSPENSION LOWERING LINKS - FULL KIT - FREE SHIPPIN. There are no gimmicks or flashy websites here. We are NOT entrepreneurs creating eye catching websites from.

We DO NOT offer Anodised Blue or Red Links as these will be. Filthy dirty in a matter of days.

We DO NOT offer and kits with special names that do exactly. We DO NOT offer fancy Gloss covered boxes with internal foam. We DO NOT steal pictures.

All cars you will see from here. Are fitted with our kits. We DO NOT only copy the easy products leaving the hard ones. We DO NOT claim that everything we use is made in Germany. And then assembled in the USA by a NASA Astronaut. We DO NOT use cheaper style fittings from and bits of all. We are Airride lowering links and the original designers of our lowering link kits established late 2008. (Please see feedback dates for confirmation). We can now supply a lowering kit for every vehicle with factory fitted air suspension. The majority of kits we supply have 4 links, 2 Front & 2 Rear (apart from W219/W211 that only have 3).

R&D for new models are obtained from our partners and Engineers within Audi & Mercedes that we work closely with to test and our new kits are perfect for each model. We only supply good quality Zinc plated lowering links with stainless steel internal parts to prevent rust or corrosion. (All Zinc plating has been put through the industry standard 96 hour salts tests). Our end fittings are produced from a single bar and manufactured using a modern CNC machine to our own personal tolerances.

The factory has now been trading for over 110 years. They design and manufacture some fantastic products for many different industries and have worked alongside us from the start.

Our bars are pre-cut to exact lengths and are made from A2 stainless steel (DIN976) to prevent rust or corrosion. ALL Lock Nuts we supply are also made from A2 Stainless Steel. On some kits (Rear W219/W211/Front Bentley GT/Mulsanne) we have bars specially made as there are some specific bends in them that cannot be made from SS. These are then Zinc plated and put through the full Industry Standard 96 hour salt test.

ALL kits come complete with a shrinkable sheath. Once your kit has been fitted and adjusted to you requirements, heating this covering will shrink down to keep all the threaded area's clean should you ever want to readjust or put the car back to the standard setting.

Land / Range Rover's use a neoprene type end fitting. We are the only company to source these OEM fittings directly from Land Rover. We then remove and re-bond them to our adjustable A2 stainless steel adjustable bars using Epoxy Resin. Although we provide the bars and nuts in stainless steel, these also come with the shrinkable covering to keep them clean and free from dirt. Note: Once the kit is fitted, Access mode may be unavailable as the car would now already be at this height in normal mode.

We supply full fitting instructions with each individual kit. They explain how and where to install your links and any best practices to make the process as easy as IT can be. Full colour pictures are also included showing pictures of the old and new link fitted into place. Once the kit is fitted, all raise and lower functions will still work as normal but will all be lowered by your chosen amount.

95% of our kits are fitted by the customer as they are very straightforward to fit. There is no need to remove the wheels or anything hard like that. After removing the existing links with a small screwdriver, following the instructions to adjust the new links, then push fit the new links into place. We are available anytime via text, whatsapp or telephone should you run into any issues, however being in the industry for so long, most issues that we have ever come across are resolved with the fitting instructions along with the best and most simple way to get the kit installed.

Note: We are now having to watermark All our pictures of Cars, Lowering Links and Instructions to prevent anymore of our images being stolen and advertised on other sites. A6 & S6 2012 >ON (C7).

A8 & S8 2011 > ON (D3/D4/D5). A7, S7 & RS7 2011 >ON (4G8). FLYING SPUR 2005 - 2018. X5 4.8is 2004 >ON.

X6, 5 & 7 SERIES (REAR ONLY). CL W215 2002 - 2006. CL W216 2007 - 2015. CLS W219 2015 - 2010. CLS55 & CLS63 2005 - 2010.

E CLASS W211 2003 2010. E CLASS W211 (REAR ONLY). E55 AMG GL 2005 - 2016. S CLASS W220 ABC & AIR.

S CLASS W221 ABC & AIR. S CLASS W222 ABC & AIR. SL R230 2003 - 2012. SL R231 2012 - 2020.

R CLASS 2006 - 2015. RANGE SPORT (L320) 2005 - 2013. RANGE SPORT (L494) 2013 - ON. RANGE ROVER (L322) 2002 - 2004. RANGE ROVER (L322) 2005 - 2013.

RANGE ROVER (L405) 2013 >ON. RANGE ROVER VELAR 2016 >ON. DISCOVERY 3 & 4 2004 >ON.



Range Rover Sport. L320 Air Suspension Lowering Links -full Kit Free Shipping    Range Rover Sport. L320 Air Suspension Lowering Links -full Kit Free Shipping